A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

PureLand Game is inspired by Autonauts,RimWorld,Factorio and other deep games.

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Game Goal

Make robots and order them to automatically satisfy various desires of human.

Make Robots

Order Robots To Do Things

Take Care of Colonists

This game is still  in a very early stage of development, the game content is not enough and there may be bugs, Art and UI may be  ugly. But the current version of the game can provide a complete game experience of more than 10 hours. I hope you can enjoy the game.

Play Guide

  • type WASD  to move around
  • LMB can be used to pick item, drop item, use tool, guide the player to the designated place.
  • RMB can be used to open configuration dialog on the buildings or robots.
  • E open the Edit Menu, which is where you choose what to build,
  • R rotates building blueprints.
  • T open Technology Dialog where you can research the technology.


PureLand-Win.zip 31 MB
PureLand-Mac.app.zip 37 MB